The Procrastination Problem: 
Three Strategies to Finish Strong This School Year   
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Trying to help your child to get started on homework or to study can be a humbling experience.  Nightly, all across the Washington DC area, thousands of parents ask their children the same question, "Did you start your homework yet?" That question is so often answered with "Not yet, but I'll do it when I get to the next level of this video game," or even, "I'll start it after I check my Instagram account.  Don't worry, Mom!"


With the end of the school year right around the corner, kids are more likely than ever to procrastinate, but it's the most dangerous time to do so. Click here to learn three strategies to avoid the procrastination trap and end the year strong. 

Procrastination and Motivation:
What's the Link? 

So often procrastination is viewed as laziness, but many kids are simply overwhelmed and under prepared. Check out this clip from the EC archives in which Educational Connections' President, Ann Dolin, M.Ed., shares some tips and tools parents can use to help motivate their child and avoid the procrastination trip. 

Interested in viewing more from our archives? Visit our blog or press page, to find tips for every academic problem from procrastination to perfectionism. 



Learning Made Simple Podcast: 
How Can I Help My Child with Procrastination

This month Ann is diving head first into the topic of procrastination. On this podcast Ann discusses why students procrastinate and why it is a short and long-term problem. She cracks open common myths involving procrastination and speaks on the difference between functional and dysfunctional procrastination. Ann will explain what causes procrastination in students and how parents can help their child break this dangerous habit early on.

Click here to listen to this episode or to subscribe to our podcast.  

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Podcast: The Motivation Meltdown 

In last month's webinar, Ann Dolin spoke about what parents can do to boost their child's motivation. Parents who listen to this recording will learn: 

  • The main reasons students struggle to stay motivated in school 
  • The latest research on rewards and consequences 
  • Effective communication strategies - how to talk so your kids will listen and how to listen so your kids will talk 
  • Ways to foster resiliency, even when kids seem to give up easily
  • How to leverage technology to benefit learning, not distract from it 
  • Crucial study skills for school success
Click here to listen to "The Motivation Meltdown: When Parents Care, But Kids Don't." 

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