Video Games: Do They Hurt or Help? - 
What the Research Says 

Many parents feel as if video games are controlling their children's lives and that their kids are addicted to technology. But when it comes to video games: do they hurt or help? Can there be a positive effect? Educational Connections' President, Ann Dolin, recently appeared on WTOP to discuss what the research says about video games and their impact on students and academics. Click here to listen to Ann's full interview or here to read our full article. 


Don't Let Your Child Spend All Summer on X-Box 
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Did you know that kids who work with a tutor over the summer are 2.5 months ahead of their peers when they go back to school? 

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Meet Our May Tutor of the Month
A Writing and Educational Coaching Whiz, Robbyn! 

Our May Tutor of the Month is a Writing and Educational Coaching whiz. Robbyn Ellis, works with Educational Connections students on organization, time management, and study skills, as well as, English and reading. Robbyn creates strong bonds with her students. One mom described her as being, "very sensible" saying Robbyn made her son feel at ease during tutoring sessions.

Robbyn has spent the past decade and a half working with children as a nanny, teacher, and tutor. She has extensive experience working with students on English, ELL, and preparing for college level writing courses. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Western Connecticut State University with a BA in English. When Robbyn is not tutoring she is a talented musician and has played trumpet for years. She has even toured Australia and New Zealand with a brass band twice.

If your child is struggling with writing, reading, or executive functioning skills, we have great tutors, like Robbyn, who can help.  Contact us today to learn more about getting started with one of our top-notch tutors.

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