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When Should You Begin to Prepare? 


Do you feel like you're out of the loop about when your student should take the ACT or SAT and how long he or she should prepare for it? If you answered yes, you're not alone. Almost every parent we speak to is confused about the ACT and SAT schedule. 


To help provide parents with a simple solution, we've created a handy reference sheet that includes both ACT and SAT test dates for the spring of 2015. Below you'll find the test date, the registration deadline, and when we recommend you begin the test prep process (typically three and a half months out).  


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What You Need to Know

In this video, Educational Connections President, Ann Dolin, explores the differences between the ACT and SAT and how they compare to each other. Since both tests are accepted by colleges, Ann explains how students can determine which test is a better match for them. To watch the full video, click here
Meet EC's Tutor of the Month!


"Marvelous," "enthusiastic," and "amazing" are just a few ways parents have described our December Tutor of the Month, Eddie Miller. Eddie is a math, science, and test prep extraordinaire who has been with Educational Connections for two years. Eddie began tutoring in college and says that's when he realized his passion for working with students. He primarily focuses on math, science, and test prep. One mom said that Eddie's "cheerfulness, patience, high expectations, steadiness and faith" completely changed her daughter's ACT scores and overall test prep experience. 

Think a tutor like Eddie could help your child? Email Michael Oliver at michael@ectutoring.com

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ACT vs. SAT 
Help Decide Which Test is Right for Your Child

The SAT and ACT are often a confusing, sometimes stressful, part of the college admissions process for parents and students, especially since test scores typically make up 20-50% of most colleges' admissions criteria.


This guide will: 

  • Discuss the differences between the ACT and SAT 
  • Explain how colleges look at test scores 
  • Answer frequently asked questions 
  • Provide you with strategies for overcoming test anxiety 
  • Offer resources available to any student preparing for the ACT or SAT 

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