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Rewarding Students for Grades: The Dos and Don'ts


Should Parents Go Online to Check Their Kids' Grades and Homework?



How Much Homework is Normal? 

Educational Connections president, Ann Dolin, M.Ed., recently appeared on Fox 5 to weigh in on the homework issue and give parents advice on ways to reduce stress involving homework. If you missed Ann's appearance you can watch it in full here. 

Continue reading  to learn Ann's top tips when it comes to helping with homework. 

Does Homework Cause Nightly Battles in Your Home?
There are 3 simple steps you can take TODAY to help.

Adapted from the award-winning book: Homework Made Simple


3 Things Parents Can Do to Reduce Homework Stress 

As parents, we often find ourselves cast in the role of nightly homework police. Fortunately, there are three practical steps that apply to kids of all ages that parents can implement today to ease the frustration that often surrounds homework.

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