Tips for Improving Student Motivation
How to Improve Student Motivation and Underachievement
10 Ways Parents Can Keep Kids Motivated in the 4th Quarter 
Tips for avoiding the 4th quarter slump 

The period in between spring break and summer vacation is often a difficult time of year for students to maintain focus and motivation. With end-of-year tests and final grades on the line, this is an especially important time for students to keep on top of their studies.


Learn how this research-based, individualized program may be exactly what your student needs.
Does your son fully grasp the material he is learning in the classroom but struggle to complete assignments on time? Maybe he does his assignments but cannot find his completed work on the due date? Does your daughter spend hours "studying" for her tests - reading her text book and notes over and over again- only to go in on test day and completely blank on the material? Are ADHD and/or poor executive functioning skills inhibiting your student from reaching her potential? If you can relate to any of the above, working with an Educational Coach may be just what your child needs!

Our educational coaches are a hand-picked group of experienced educators who specialize in working with students on developing executive functioning skills. We select tutors who already have a strong education background and train them how to teach students organization, time management, and research-based study skills.


A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Education has found a strong correlation between the amount of homework high school students receive and physical ailments. This begs the question: How much homework should students get? Read more... 


Trending videos on YouTube vs. math homework.  Checking your Twitter feed vs. writing an essay.  What would you pick?  When schoolwork is tedious or difficult, picking the more pleasurable activity is understandable, but the problem is that math and writing get pushed later into the evening, sometimes, too late. Here's a great tool to help students practice SelfControl... Read more...

If your child or anyone you know has been diagnosed with any form of dyslexia, then you may have heard of the Wilson Reading Program.  Wilson reading is our most requested tutoring for students with dyslexia or difficulty with decoding and fluency, and we have many clients referred to us with the recommendation that they look into Wilson Reading for their child. Read more...
April Tutor of the Month
Congratulations to Judith H! 

Judith is originally from Wales in the United Kingdom and came to Washington, DC with a job as a Foreign Service Officer. She spent a number of years working for the British Foreign Service and International Monetary Fund until she decided to return to school to get her Master's in Education and Human Development from GWU. Judith specializes in Educational Coaching, and her philosophy is to be flexible and inspire students to be organized while teaching effective study skills in order to save time and improve grades. When she is not busy being a taxi service for her two high school children's sporting events, Judith loves taking her dog out for walks, horse-riding, and traveling with her family.


Do you have a student who could use the help of a coach like Judith to learn organization, time management, and study skills? Click here to learn more.  

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