The Science Behind Studying  
What the Research Says about How to Study

84 percent of students study ineffectively - they simply reread their notes and textbooks and call it a day.

In this video, Ann will give you research-based tips on how to get the most out of study time.

How to Learn More in Less Time  

Want to know how to ace your next test?  There's new research that shows that you might not need to spend more time studying, but you do need to study differently.

Let's take a quiz.  James and John are identical twins taking the same Biology class. In fact, they even study for the same amount of time, yet James earned an A on the exam last Friday and John got a C+. Why the difference? Read on to find out...

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What are multiple intelligences and why do they matter when it comes to studying?  

Your student takes a study break. Before you know it, five minutes turn into fifteen, and then eventually an hour as he is chatting with his friends, checking Facebook, and looking at YouTube videos all at once...
Dr. Ari Tuckman specializes in helping those with ADHD, and I especially love that his advice is always practical, simple, and easy to remember. Read on for ways to assess and manage the after-school schedule.


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