Establish routines before summer is over! 

From getting kids out of the summer doldrums to dealing with distracting technology, motivating students for the school year can be tricky. Parents often use rewards to bring about the behaviors they want to see, but the research shows that may not be the best approach. In this video Ann shares some practical tips for what you can do in these last few days of summer to help ensure that your student starts the school year motivated and ready to go.   

Simple, tangible goals are the key to motivation

As we send our kids off to school this year, it's our natural inclination to say, "Do your best!" But what do these  three words really mean? And is this phrase motivating kids or not? In working with hundreds of families over the years, I've found that "do your best" is ambiguous and has different meanings to kids and parents. Perhaps a better way to encourage students to work to their potential is to strike the phrase and instead, set a simple, tangible goal.

Read on for 3 ideas to improve motivation this year...

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Helicopter parents often have the best of intentions. However, the research shows that "over-parenting" can have damaging, long-term consequences.

The best students are often not geniuses or "braniacs." There are, however, several qualities and habits that most A+ students seem to have.
A deluge of educational websites and apps are created regularly nowadays, and it can be difficult to know which ones to use to maximize productivity and effectiveness. Examtime can be a great tool for students who may need help with or a different approach to study skills.
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