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Over the summer, it is not uncommon for students to lose up to three months' worth of the knowledge they gained in the previous school year, especially in math and science. There's a little over a month left before the first bell of the school year rings. Will your student be ready?

Avoid the stress of having to play catch up and review come September. Our expert tutors come to you to provide customized support to make sure your student starts the year on the right foot.

When to push and when to let go
Fostering resiliency and motivation in kids is a mighty responsibility.  If you've ever struggled to decide whether you should encourage and push your child to stick with something or let them give up, this recent article gives some insight. Ann gives advice on how parents can best guide their kids in building resiliency.  


Is your child primed for success?

What type of mindset we have is often the deciding factor in how successful we are in our endeavors. On average, students with growth mindsets have higher GPAs and more positive social relationships than do students with fixed mindsets. The good news is that, while we are born with a disposition toward either a fixed or growth mindset, mindset can be changed. In this video, Ann explains what you can do to encourage a growth mindset in your child.

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