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Need some tips to get your kids ready for final tests and the end of the school year?

Ann Dolin gives practical advice for how to study and retain information, how to get kids to try new ideas, how to address procrastination, and more!


It happens year after year, quarter after quarter, week after week. Students prepare for tests and quizzes by spending a day or two or maybe even the week beforehand glossing over notes and study guides. Then when grades come back, they wonder why all of their efforts garnered them a "C." The reason: they don't know how to effectively study.  


It can be very difficult to instill study skills in teenagers who generally are immune to their parents' advice. At any rate, here are a few suggestions for how you can help your teen better study for final tests and get ready for the end of the school year.


1.  Instead of asking "Have you studied?" ask "Have you studied what you don't know?"


A typical teenager's idea of studying is "reading" over notes and study guides. Though, more often than not, this "studying" becomes more of a repetitive eye exercise than active reading and retention. By asking them something novel that cuts out a chunk of work (studying what they already know), they may be more receptive to your suggestion. If not, at least you can plant the seed. Encourage them to go through their study guide, check off what they do know, and circle what they do not know. Then, they can either create practice tests or flashcards on only the material they do not know.


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