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March 2013

As the famous saying goes, "the only thing worse than no information is misinformation." Unfortunately, there is a great deal of conflicting and counterproductive advice surrounding the SAT. Below are three of the most harmful misconceptions that students have about the college entrance exam.


1.  "If I learn SAT strategies really well, I have a great chance of getting a higher score."


This is partly true. You can't expect to do well without strategies; however, you definitely can't do well without tactics. Imagine a chess player who reads chess strategy books all day but rarely plays the game. He might play better than your average Joe, but he's not going to be exceptional. Alternatively, consider someone who has never read a chess book but who has played 1,500 games of chess. That person is probably a standout player because she's learned what to do in a situation-by-situation basis, both tactically and strategically. The same argument holds true for the SAT. If you learn vocabulary, key grammar facts, math operations, and reading comprehension tricks through practice, you will be better able to pick up and use strategies to maximize your score. That's why any good prep program will include multiple simulated practice tests.  




Does Reading The Washington Post or The New York Times Increase SAT and ACT Scores?  

To prepare for the reading sections of the SAT and ACT, many students are encouraged to read the newspaper daily. This can be effective - if a student begins at a very young age.

The reality is that reading comprehension skills develop over time and reading The Post for two months before the test isn't the most effective way to prepare. 


So what is the best way to prepare for the reading sections? Read on to find out! 



Confused by whether your student should take the ACT or the SAT?

The best way to figure it out is to have him or her take a full length practice test of each. Believe it or not, the ACT is now the more preferred test!

Educational Connections is offering a practice ACT on Saturday, April 6, 9:00am-1:00pm at Vienna Presbyterian Church.  This practice test is best suited for current sophomores and juniors.


Register Here!  


ACT vs. SAT: Which Test is Best?
ACT vs. SAT:
Which Test is Better?


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