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January 2013

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9 Easy Tips to Help Your Teen Study for a Test

Mid-term exams are almost here. While students should already be devoting time each day to studying, these 9 tips will help you ensure that things are on the right track. 

1. Set the Groundwork
Helping a younger child study for a test might be a piece of cake, but so often, teens resist their well-meaning parents' support. When you know a big test is coming up, approach your child early on. Consider asking, "Can you show me how you're going to study?" Open a dialogue about how your son or daughter will prepare. Remember, the end grade isn't as important as the preparation process.

2. Use the Study Guide Properly
If you are reviewing test material with your child (or if he is doing so independently), encourage him to make connections instead of merely verbatim. For example, if you are asking your child to define terms for a biology test, ask not only the definitions of mitosis and meiosis, but also how they are the same and different. Helping your teen make connections between topics stimulates flexible thinking. This is important because the actual test questions may not be just as they appear on the study guide.

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