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December 2012

Parent Trap:

Focusing on
Product, Not Process
Focusing on Product, Not Process

 Ann Dolin offers tips to motivate students by focusing on
the effort they put in, rather than the results they get.

Just as great athletes require hours in the gym, our students require hours to develop their study skills. Recent studies have shown that the human brain is more like every other muscle in the body than we had previously thought; and just like every other muscle, the brain has muscle memory.


This means that while intelligence certainly plays a role in academic success, effective study skills, motivation, effort and goal-setting all actually play a larger role than a child's intelligence.


So how can we use this information to our students' benefit? Read on for 3 easy tips for boosting student effort!  

Getting Ready for the SAT/ACT

This spring high school juniors across the country will gather in school cafeterias and gyms to take the college admissions
tests: the SAT and ACT.

It is important that your student knows the right strategies and has a solid grasp of test content. The most effective way to ensure this is one-to-one tutoring.

Our test prep tutors' schedules book quickly. Start the process of setting up your test prep tutor now!

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Our tutor, Kevin, was a great help! My daughter took the test and saw a big bump in her scores. We will likely want to use him again for our son, and start earlier next time.

- Byron in Arlington, VA

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