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How Boys and Girls Learn Differently 


There are undoubtedly many differences between boys and girls. They play differently, they communicate differently, they act differently, and they like different things. But arguably one of the biggest differences between boys and girls is the way they learn. As a parent or educator, understanding the way children learn is crucial to promoting their academic success. All kids are different, but looking at what some psychological studies have found can help us to get a general understanding about the differences between boys and girls in the classroom.


So how are boys' and girls' methods of learning different from one another and what can you do to cater to their needs? Read on
and watch the helpful video below to find out!

Boys vs. Girls: What You Need to Know About Their Differences in the Classroom
Watch as Ann Dolin discusses everything from the preferences of boys and girls in the classroom to the possible benefits of same-sex schools. 
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"Ann Dolin spoke at our school in September. It was an excellent program packed with invaluable advice on how to   help our students be more organized and improve their study skills. It was one of the best parent programs ever held at our school. The information she provides  can benefit every family."


- FCPS PTA Board Member

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Halloween Candy and  Its Effect on the Brain

While Halloween has come

and gone, it is likely that kids still have mounds of their confectionary spoils tempting their taste buds.


We all know that eating too many sweets wreaks havoc on one's teeth, but does eating candy make one less   intelligent as well?


According to a new UCLA  study, it just might.  Researchers have found an important link between diet and the ability to think. A high fructose diet actually impairs  the ability to remember things and act quickly, something   your child's tutor and school teachers won't appreciate! 


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