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What Is a "Good" SAT Score?     



When parents call our office to arrange for SAT tutoring, they often ask, "What score does my child need on the SAT to get into her dream school?" The answer differs from student to student based on her aspirations, but one thing remains true: the SAT is one of the most stressful aspects of the college application process for parents and students alike.


Though the SAT is just one aspect of the college application process, it can make or break an application. The test is comprised of four different parts: The Essay, Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. The essay aside, each section's scores range from 200-800, making the combined perfect score 2400. The national average score for each section is around 500, meaning the "average" student will score somewhere in the 1500 range.


So what makes for a "good" SAT score? Read on to find out...




ACT vs. SAT: What You Need to Know


ACT vs. SAT: What You Need to Know


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