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4 Tips for Finishing Summer Assignments on Time


If either of the following parents' complaints about their kids' summer assignments sound familiar, then this article is for you!


I often hear, "His school assigned a 300 page novel and he hasn't even cracked open the book!  There are only three weeks left before school starts!" or "My daughter is such a procrastinator.  She pushes me away when I even ASK about her Algebra packet."

Read on for 4 easy tips to solve your summer assignment issues.

Need More Help Finishing Up Those
Summer Assignments?
3 Tips for Finishing Summer Assignments
Watch this clip for 3 tips to finish assignments on time

How to Help Your Child Become a Better Writer
Open any newspaper or education journal and you're hit with an article about American students lagging behind in math and science.  But in my view, one of the most important skills needed in college and the work force isn't whether someone can use the quadratic equation, but whether or not the individual can write effectively.

Read on to learn how texting may actually worsen writing abilities and why more reading time leads to better writing skills. 
Homework Made Simple
Many parents just like you experience stress, self-doubt, and anxiety over their children's homework.
The award-winning book Homework Made Simple: Tips, Tools, and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework
addresses ways to eliminate the specific problems that lead to homework stress. 

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