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Should You Consider the ACT over the SAT?

The SAT exam has always been the college admissions test of choice along the East Coast.

However, this trend is changing as the ACT gains popularity. The ACT, for years dominant in the central states, is now gaining popularity on the East Coast.

Want to know why? Read on..

Planning For College? Start Saving
Planning for College? Start Saving.. -- Educational Connections
Ann discusses rising college tuition costs and what you can do about it on News Channel 8's
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90 Seconds: ACT or SAT?
It's important to know that the SAT and ACT, both college entrance exams, are actually very different tests.

Understand the key differences between the ACT and SAT in 90 seconds.

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Insights For Parents
Email Series

We're busy finishing up a new 8 part email series designed to help parents with younger children.

The series is loaded with a lot of the knowledge we've gained over the past few years about great parenting for young learners.

The info is packed into 8 useful email 'lessons' sent over 8 days.

Stay tuned!  We can't wait to share it with you.

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