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July 2nd, 2012  
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Summertime: When The Learning's Easy  

Summer is the time for children to relax and let loose!  With the right approach your children can have fun while exercising their brains.  In this newsletter you will find:
  • Easy and practical solutions to help your child excel in reading this summer.
  • A 90 second video filled with quick, practical tips to get those summer assignments finished quickly and easily.
  • An update on summer learning session availabilities.  

Get Your Kids to Love Summer Reading!


Studies show that students who read four or more books over their summer break do much better on tests in school in the fall, and their first quarter grades see a huge boost. Here are some tips to turn your kids into happy readers over the summer and solve next year's bad grades before they start.


  • Everyone picks a book, not just kids. At the start of the summer, parents AND kids should choose a book. Modeling is the best way to teach. When kids see that their parents are reading, they are much more likely to do so themselves. Pair reading with relaxation in the evening...for the whole family. And if you follow our second tip, you'll find that your kids may fall in love with their reading time...
  • Pick books that are kid-tested. Even boys will devour a book when you find the right material. Check out the ultimate teen book list on amazon, or these recommended reading lists from a private school library network for kids of all ages. When they are involved in choosing, they're much less likely to push back. For younger kids, consider an online reading program like,, or
  • Consider an E-Reader. We all know that our kids love screens. Consider buying them books through a Kindle, Nook, or iPad. Kids like being able to customize colors and fonts, and it's convenient to be able to carry so much material in your pocket. Anything that makes reading fun and easy is a great chance to get your kids involved in reading over the summer.

Getting your kids to read over the summer is well worth the effort, and with these strategies in place, you may find that they will love it!


If you want to implement a summer learning plan to help your child excel next year, be sure to discuss a plan with your tutor.

Our highly experienced tutors can help assemble a plan for summer learning and, more importantly, make it happen! If you're considering a tutor, we encourage you to  take the next step by filling out our contact form.  

90 Second Video Clip:
3 Tips To Finish Summer Assignments On Time

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