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February 2012

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 If your child is easily distracted and struggles to stay focused and finish homework,  you are probably a frustrated parent!  For some students, homework that should take 45 minutes ends up consuming two hours regardless of a parent's cajoling and hand-holding.   

The good news is there is a better way to help these students. With these proven strategies, your child will be on the road to focusing and finishing in no time at all!
Cut Out Homework Distractions!
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Let's Talk Live: Help A Distractible Child Focus
How to Help Distractible Students Focus
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Education Policy Updates

What Did Obama Say Recently That Could Change Our Classrooms? 


Have you noticed that so much of the instruction in our kids' classrooms revolves around getting students to pass state tests? It seems that requisition of facts, and not critical thinking and creativity, is the name of the game. That's all about to change.  Read on to find out how and why.



Should 3rd Graders Be Held Back When They Can't Read?


Iowa, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Colorado are considering legislation that would make students repeat 3rd grade if they can't pass state reading exams. This has sparked a debate over whether retaining students actually boosts their achievement or simply increases the odds that they will drop out. Find out more.


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