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January 2012

Dear Parents,


I am excited to announce the following free webinars for parents of middle and high school students! Please join me for these web-based seminars from the comfort of your own home to learn what you can do to plan ahead for college! All you need in order to participate are a computer and a telephone.
Please RSVP to and indicate in which webinars you'd like to participate. An email with easy access instructions will be sent to you several days before the date of each webinar.


4 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Middle Schooler for High School and College
Wednesday, January 18
Believe it or not, it is not too early to start thinking ahead to college. There are subtle, simple steps parents can take now to make the college admissions process a whole lot easier down the line.



3 Crucial Skills that Every High School Student Must Have for College Success
Wednesday, February 1
Not only do students need to know how to study to do well, but they have to manage their time and stay organized. Effective study habits, time management, and organization are vital, yet often overlooked skills that every college student must possess. Before he goes off to college, make sure your high schooler is well versed in these important life skills.



Planning for College: Deciding Which Classes and Tests to Take and When to Take Them
Wednesday, February 8
Figuring out whether to take AP or honors classes, or the SAT or ACT can be difficult. Even once those decisions are made, knowing when to take a class or test can easily give anyone a headache. Simple planning ahead can help your high schooler's chances of being accepted by the college of her choice!
I look forward to having you attend!


Ann Dolin, M.Ed.

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