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December 2011

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7 Tips For Parenting a Perfectionist

Does your child erase and redo homework over and over again until it's just right?  Is anything less than 100% not good enough?  Welcome to the world of perfectionism, where unrealistic expectations are daily and unrelenting. 


Perfectionists engage in frequent hypercritical self-talk, bringing themselves down and creating a whole lot of stress within the family.  With these children, the goal is to change their mindset.


Featured 90 Second Video:  
Taming Perfectionism During Homework
Helping Perfectionist Students
Helping Perfectionist Students
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Help Your Child Get Better Grades:  When a student has personalized instruction in a given subject, it becomes apparent in his report card.
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Our expert tutors help with organization, long-term assignment planning, and studying to reduce stress for students and parents alike.
Advanced Subject Tutoring: 
Even for high school and college students, Educational Connections has the right tutor for every student in every advanced subject.



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