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November 2011

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6 of our Most Popular Workshops:
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Good Grades We are often asked to present on a topic of interest to a particular school. Six of our most frequently requested topics follow.   


We're now scheduling 2012 parent workshops at schools throughout the DC area. 
If you're interested in bringing a presentation to your school, contact or call us at 703.934.8282. 


Why Bright Kids Sometimes Struggle with Motivation

8 Ways Parents Can Help to Encourage School Success


Test-Taking Techniques to Ace Any Exam

10 Proven Strategies to Study Smarter


Homework Made Simple

Tips, Tools and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework 


ADHD and Executive Functions

Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions for your Child's Success


Stressed Out Teens

Helping Your Teen Manage the Academic and Emotional Demands of School


6 Study Skills Every Middle and High Schooler Must Have

Research-Proven Strategies for Optimal Academic Performance


Visit for more topics.  Check out all upcoming presentations in your area, too!


Why Is Reading So Hard for Some Kids?

Learning to Read

Picture two students, side by side, reading a fairytale from a storybook.  One student easily reads with expression and enthusiasm, "Once upon a time."  The other student slowly reads "On up a tim."  Both students live in the same neighborhood, have educated parents that read to them at night, and were exposed to literature at a young age.  So why can the one read and the other cannot?  Read More...



James and Kerri - What a Success Story!


EC's tutor, Kerri Driscoll, and her student, James, have been working on reading together for ten months, and boy has it been successful! 


His mom says, "I wanted to let you know that James just underwent a reading evaluation at his new school.  They couldn't even believe what he could do!  They looked at scores from the prior year and couldn't believe he was the same person.  So clearly you have done an amazing job!  Thank you, thank you!"


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ADHD Boys vs. Girls:

Does Gender Matter?


Don't miss Dr. Patricia Quinn's pressentation, "ADHD Boys vs. Girls: Does Gender Matter?" 

December 15th at 7:00pm at Woodson High School in Fairfax


Patricia Quinn, MD is a nationally-known developmental pediatrician and award-winning author.  You won't want to miss this one! 


Download the Parent Link Speaker Series flyer. 


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Read This Great Article From The WSJ! 


Last month, I came upon one of the best articles I've read in a long time on study skills.  The Wall Street Journal's "Toughest Exam Question: What is the Best Way to Study?" details how students can perform to the best of their abilities while reducing stress along the way. 


One of the strategies cited, creating practice tests, is a technique that our tutors have been using for many years.  Read on to find out what the research says about other strategies that might help your student.   


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