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November 2011

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Have a Math Test?  
6 Proven Ways to Study Smarter

Math Test

What is the best way to study for math tests? Our language provides an important clue. We don't say "do the history" or "do the English", but we do say "do the math." Thus, it goes without saying that the first step in doing well in math is for your student to complete her assigned homework problems on time before every class. For the gifted few, this will be enough. For the vast majority, this is only the beginning. Here are some key steps to ensuring success on that big test:


Are We Raising a Generation of "Calculator Kids" Who Can't Do Math?

Kid Using Calculator

Just the other day I was helping my eighth grade son with his algebra homework. He was solving a fairly complicated equation and got down to the last step 7x=42. He whipped out his calculator. I said, "Will, you know this. 7 times what number is 42?" He replied, "Uh, I really don't know. Why does it matter? I'll just use my calculator." He proceeded to punch the numbers into his T1 84. There is a time and place for calculators, but just where and when is that?


Procrastination a Problem? 
Check Out our 90 Second Video for Solutions
Procrastination: How to Curb It
Procrastination: How to Curb It
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There's An App For That! Some Great Math Apps...
For grades K-2: Check out Kids Numbers and Math ($3 on Android and coming soon for Apple).
For grades 3-5: Take a look at Rocket Math ($1) and Rocket Math Free, both available on the Apple App Store.
For middle and high school: 
You can't beat Math Workout and Math Attack (both of which are free) to hone higher level problem-solving skills. 



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