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Organization Is A Snap With The Latest Smart Phone Apps


Who says organization has to be boring? With the latest smart phone applications, your child can keep track of school assignments and have fun along the way. With stunning graphics and state of the art design, these new apps will keep even the most reluctant student on track. The truth is that the more organized a student is, the better grades they tend to receive. Check out my top picks for organization apps you and your kids will enjoy using.  




Encouraging Organization: What Teachers Can Do To Help   


"Mom, I can't find my homework!" These words are enough to rattle even calmest parent's nerves. As parents, we try our best to help keep our kids organized, but sometimes the work that teachers do in the classroom is even more meaningful.  


Over the last few years, I've had the opportunity to be a part of the Northern Virginia ADHD

Partnership group. Our goal is to train school staff and parents to meet the academic and emotional needAnn Dolins of students with ADHD. Our tip sheets for teachers were just published in September's Attention! magazine and they are filled with ideas for teachers to

keep kids organized in the classroom.  I hope you find them helpful! 


Warm Regards,  

Ann Dolin     



 Could Your Child Benefit From Having an Educational Coach?


Even the brightest and most capable students often need help to stay on the path to success. As a result, we've developed The Educational Coaching Process to provide students the support they need to improve organization, time management, study skills, and motivation.  We have specially trained tutors available to help your child establish the systems necessary to better manage school work and stay on track.  To speak to someone about finding an Educational Coach for your child, call our office at 703-934-8282 or 301-469-6060 or contact us online

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