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Top 5 Must-Read Articles This School Year:

Prepare Your Student for the Fall 


Some topics really seem to strike a cord with parents.  These articles appeared in past newsletters and received a big response from our readers.  We hope you find them helpful!  Visit our website to learn more about tutoring and test preparation for your student. 


In Praise of Praise

It sounds so simple, but words are powerful; when used properly, they can really motivate your child.

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6 Ways to Cope When Your Teen Says No To Homework

Preempt the power struggles and bring calm back to your house.


Tips to Make Procrastination a Thing of the Past

The "I'll do it later" attitude leaves your child out of time and you out of patience. Learn how to tackle your child's procrastination problem.


Simple Ways To Help Your Easily Frustrated Child

Be prepared to help your easily frustrated child with easy tips to keep him or her on track.


How To Help With Math

Always at the top of students list of most difficult subjects, math can be fun when you employ the use of games and the right strategies.  


Ann Dolin

 Ask Ann...

Solutions to Common Yet Challenging Academic Obstacles


Q: My 12 year old son procrastinates terribly. He usually doesn't start homework until well after dinner, but then he stays up too late trying to get it done. Help!


 A: It sounds like your son's habit of beginning homework too late in the day may be affecting the quality of his work.  Read on for ways to reduce procrastination... 


Q: My definition of "acceptable" work is very different from my fourth grade son's. He rarely uses capital letters, many of the words are spelled wrong, and his sentences lack real meaning. Am I being too strict?  


A: There may be more to the story than meets the eye. First, try to find out if there is a root problem. Has he always struggled?  Read more about academic expectations... 


Read on for more common academic questions and answers or visit Ann's website. 

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