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Improve Students' Grades 


Believe it or not, your family's eating habits can have a profound effect on your child's academic success. The routine of preparing and sharing meals regularly creates a sense of family togetherness and unity. Though the hustle and bustle of everyday life can get in the way, it's important to carve out time specifically to sit down together around the table.


Students who eat dinner with their families often are more likely to  earn As and Bs in school, be emotionally content, and have lower stress levels.  Learn more about how family meals   

improve grades.


  Parenting Styles: Which One is Best for Academic Success?  


You've probably heard the phrase "parenting style" many times, more so lately with the publication of "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua.  In her book, Ms. Chua states that the "Chinese" way in which she raised her two daughters produced excellent outcomes.  Although her children weren't allowed to have sleepovers, play dates, or even earn less than an A in school, she claims they turned out to be productive, happy members of society. 


Is this the route that parents should take or is a less strict, more loving approach best?  Read on about the parenting style that  most correlates with academic achievement.    



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