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Math Anxiety:

Real Problem or Just An Excuse?


The thought of a math test can make even the most confident student stressed out, but for some, the feelings associated with math go far beyond garden-variety stress.  For these students, a feeling of intense anxiety develops to the point where they are no longer able to think clearly.  Are these emotions a real problem or just an excuse to avoid an uncomfortable academic subject?


Sian Beilock, a University of Chicago psychology professor and the author of Choke, a 2010 book on brain responses to stress, says that People are very happy to say that they don't like math, but no one walks around bragging that they can't read.  It's perfectly socially acceptable to say you don't like math. 


Madison's Math Success Story


As the school year comes to an end, we would like to honor our student, 5th grader, Madison Myers.   When Madison and her tutor, India, started in the fall of 2010 she was below grade level and felt defeated.  In just 8 months Madison is now proudly working above grade level and will be starting 6th grade ahead of her class!  India worked hard to help her overcome a defeatist attitude she had long harbored in math. 


The key to her success?  Madison says, "India keeps me going when I'm frustrated and makes math fun!  She gets how I learn."   Madison's mom says, "India learned how to read Madison.  She was supportive and explained things in a way that made sense to her; this instantly boosted her confidence.   Madison now feels that she can do anything!" 


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What To Do If Your Child

Experiences Math Anxiety


Studies show that math anxiety starts early on, in the elementary grades.  Whether you have a young child, middle, or high schooler, you can make a difference in their feelings towards mathematics. 



Our Summer Math Programs


Whether your child needs to catch up, get ahead, or simply keep the skills he or she has gained this school year, we've got the math program for you! 


-- For K-2:  TouchMath and Flip Over Math uses hands-on manipulatives to teach concepts.

-- For 3-8:  VMath is a comprehensive program that allows us to pinpoint and remediate gaps.

-- For 7-10:  Algebra Rescue identifies learning needs in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 11.

-- For Advanced Math:  One-to-one tutoring to review past concepts and preview what lies ahead in the first quarter to boost confidence.  


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