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My Teen Won’t Read –
Is It Worth the Power Struggle?


Getting any child to read can be a challenge, but trying to encourage a teenager to read is even more of an undertaking.  If you’re like a lot of parents you have tried several tactics to get your teen to read from ordering the latest teen bestseller, to trips to the library, and even rewards.  Perhaps arguments over reading have spiraled downward into yelling matches.  Now you’re wondering -- is it worth the power struggle?

Picture two students, side by side, reading from a storybook. One student easily reads with enthusiasm, “Once Upon a Time”. The other student slowly reads “On up a tim.” Both students live in the same neighborhood, have educated parents, and were exposed to literature at a young age. So why can one read and the other cannot?


Almost 20% of children have reading difficulty that impacts their ability to learn to read through traditional teaching methods. 


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Many parents of reluctant young readers have tried rewarding, cajoling, and sometimes in the end, giving up simply because their child refuses to read for pleasure.  So, what’s the trick to get your child to open up a book? 

My son, Thomas, is very bright, but he reads way too quickly. A few nights ago, he was supposed to read a section in his biology book.  The following day, his teacher gave a pop quiz, which he failed. He swore up and down that he read the chapter and had no idea how he could have done so poorly.  Help!


Sincerely,  Panicked Parent

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