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These days, parenting an adolescent is more stressful than ever.  Schools are competitive, the homework load has increased, and technology can lure students away from their schoolwork. Even the most seasoned parents find themselves with challenges and tricky situations.   


   Below, you will find articles that address some common concerns.  It is my hope that

   you find the information helpful with your child of any age. 

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6 Ways to Cope When Your Teen Says "No" to Homework

Excerpted from Homework Made Simple

Tips, Tools, and Solutions for

Stress-Free Homework


Living with a teenager is challenging in and of itself; trying to assist a student who may not want help is even more difficult. Teens desire nothing more than independence from their parents. They crave autonomy even though they still want parental feedback and approval. Homework and academic expectations add another layer of stress, especially when your child appears to be unmotivated. If this situation sounds familiar, read on for six strategies to help your reluctant learner


Why Get a Tutor?

Many families deal with the daily stress of homework.  Arguments and battles with children rarely conclude with a winner and the parent/child relationship suffers.  For a number of reasons, students are more often willing to accept help from a person outside the family circle than they are from even the most patient and sympathetic parents. 


The truth is that even the brightest students sometimes need extra helpAnd when help is needed, nothing beats 1-to1 instruction. Area schools are competitive and subject matter can be challenging. Students get the best help from tutors who are specialists in an area and know the curriculum well.


Moreover, many students were never taught the basic skills needed for classroom success, such as organization, time management, and efficient study methods. Contact us today to talk to one of our directors about what we can prepare your child. 


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Plugged In and Tuned Out: 

When Technology Interferes with Homework

 Technology has transformed our world, but for our kids, life without gadgets would be unimaginable. They expect to have access to these devices 24/7, but their expectations and reality are very different. Tech­nology can be an asset to learning. It can also be a significant detractor unless parents establish clear policies and consequences.  If its overuse is af­fecting your child’s schoolwork, try these solutions to tame technology.


#1 - Set limits starting with an electronics-free routine

Allow screen access after school for an agreed upon period of time, and then the electronics go off. In many families, it is a half hour, but whatever time allotment you determine, stick with it daily. You may also want to have a small box or container labeled “electronics go here”.  Read on about personal electronics and homework.

5 Proven Ways to De-Stress the After School Schedule 

 Excerpted from Homework Made Simple

In a recent KidsHealth survey, almost 90 percent of students said they felt stressed.  So often, when kids are stressed, their parents are as well.  Just as much pressure can be felt after the school bell rings as during school hours.  Try the following the solutions to make life a little simpler.


#1 Reassess The After-School Schedule

Each child is different; some thrive on hectic schedules, whereas others crave downtime.  Listening to our kids is the only way we’ll know how they feel.  Take time to ask your child if his load is too stressful, or just right.   The flip side of this equation is your personal situation.  Read on for tips about homework and stress.


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Ending the Homework Blues 

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