Does Procrastination Motivate Older Students?

Six seconds from 4 a.m., eyes bleary, palms sweating, neck muscles taut as telephone wire—you’ve guzzled two cups of black coffee, downed an energy drink chaser, and you're still three hours away from finishing the first draft of your final project.  This frenzied scene is likely familiar to most college students. According to a meta-analysis by University of Calgary psychologist Piers Steel, 80-95 percent of U.S. college students procrastinate.  More... 



Is Your Child a Procrastinator?

Take this quiz adapted

from my book:


Homework Made Simple

Tips, Tools, and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework


Answer A, B, or C:

A - Usually  
B - Sometimes  

C - Rarely

My child waits until late in the evening to start homework.
A, B, C

He consistently underestimates the time it will take to complete work.

A, B, C

He gets up early to finish incomplete assignments before school.
A, B, C

My child says he works better under pressure.

A, B, C

He makes excuses for not starting or completing work.

A, B, C

I have to badger my child to get homework done.

A, B, C

If you answered "usually" or "sometimes" to the majority of these questions, your child will benefit from specific time management strategies.  Find out how an educational coach can help.



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Resolve To Tame Procrastination

In Your Child in the Coming Year 


One out of five people consider themselves to be chronic procrastinators and right now many of them are resolving to do something about it in the coming New Year.  But as many parents know, procrastination doesn't just hinder adults.  Almost all students do it at one time or another and for some it becomes a serious issue.  These students often benefit from time management techniques available through tutoring and coaching


Procrastination was a real obstacle for Julie, a second grader, and her seventh grade brother, James. Their parents came to see me because the problems surrounding homework were causing a serious divide in their parent/child relationship. The suggestions I gave to the Anderson family can work for your family, too.  Read on for my article on ways to tame procrastination


Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year,

Ann Dolin, M.Ed., President, Educational Connections Inc. 

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5 Tips Worth Trying to Stop Procrastination

(These Ideas Work For Students, Too!)


Procrastinating is a bad habit everyone faces at some point. There are many things to procrastinate about: homework, paperwork, confronting someone, paying bills, going to the gym, etc. Read on for a recent Yahoo article on five tips to stop procrastinating.



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