Educational Connections is proud to announce that it is using state-of-the-art Summit Educational Group test prep materials and training to help bolster our students' scores on the upcoming SAT and ACT tests.
 We are now offering SAT packages that include free diagnostic tests to assess projected scores and specific areas that need improvement- See a sample report.
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A few spots remain for our Study Skills class beginning the first week in August. 
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 Now Is The Time To Prepare for the
Preparation counts in helping your child do well in high-stakes standardized tests like the SAT and ACT.  Here are a few helpful answers to our most frequently asked questions:
Q: When do students typically take the SAT or ACT test?
A:   Students take these exams in the spring of their junior year and the   fall of their senior year.
Q: Should my child take the SAT and the ACT?  How do I know which one is right for her? 
A:  Colleges accept either test.  Most students have a feel for the SAT from taking the PSAT.  Some also elect to take a practice ACT to determine whether that exam may be a good option.  Depending on the student's strengths, he or she should choose one test and focus preparation on that exam.  Contact us if you'd like to schedule a practice exam for either test.
Q: What's better?  One-to-one test-prep tutoring or a classroom-based group program? 
A classroom instructor must teach to a wide range of abilities and is therefore less able to adjust the pace and degree of instruction.  Educational Connections' tutors are able to focus on each student's specific needs because all of our instruction is one-to-one. Our tutors cover all of the essential skills, but they also understand when a student needs more work in a particular subject area.  They will spend extra time on the concept until the student really understands it.  
Q: What are the 2010- 2011 SAT and ACT dates?
A: The SAT is administered on: October 9, November 6, December 4, January 22, March 12, May 7, and June 4.  You can find more information on dates and registration by clicking on the SAT site here.
The ACT is administered on: September 11, October 23, December 11, February 12, April 9, and June11.  Dates and registration can be found on the ACT site.
How Educational Connections Can Help:
We are excited to announce that we have recently acquired a premiere test-prep curriculum. Our tutors have just received additional and extensive training using Summit's proven materials and techniques. Our approach to helping students boost their scores is three-fold: content review, test-taking strategies, and simulated practice tests. We begin with a educational evaluations & assessments report that identifies the student's strengths and areas in need of improvement. These results help us to develop a customized program of instruction. 
In addition to the SAT and ACT, we also prepare students for the SSAT, PSAT, HSPT, and TJ Test.  Our programs include:
22.5 Hours (15 sessions): Recommended for students who need comprehensive preparation in reading, writing, and math.  Includes 4 practice exams, flash cards, and math and verbal course books. 
18 Hours (12 sessions): Recommended for students who have less time to prepare, but still need comprehensive instruction.  Includes 3 practice exams, flash cards, and math and verbal course books. 
13.5 Hours (9 sessions): Recommended for students who need prep in only one or two subject areas and where time is limited.  Includes 2 practice exams, all necessary course materials. 
I hope this information has been helpful and as always, please feel free to contact me at 703-934-8282 or 
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