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Reading Tip of the Month
How do you know if a book is too difficult for your child?  Use the 5 Finger Rule.  If your child incorrectly pronounces 5 or more words on one page, the book is above his reading level. 
Dear Parents and Colleagues:
As the end of the year approaches, high school students report feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of reading needed to prepare for exams.  Studies reveal a direct correlation between reading speed and increased comprehension. Our reading programs are great ways to boost speed, overall fluency, and confidence.

4 Ways Our Tutors Help
Build Reading Fluency
1.  Break Down Big Words with REWARDS
REWARDS is a research-based program designed for students in grades 4 through 12.  It helps to solidify multi-syllable pronunciation, which is necessary before moving on to reading speed.  Before you know it, pronouncing disestablishmentarianism will soon be a piece of cake with the REWARDS program.
2. Paired Reading with the Jamestown Fluency Series
The Jamestown Fluency Series develops and strengthens oral and silent reading speed in older students.  Our tutors utilize this program to increase words per minute by using
high interest paired reading exercises.  Students will enjoy reading more and more as the flow and speed of reading increase. 
3. Timed Reading Drills with Great Leaps
The Great Leaps Reading Program
for K-12 students is a program designed to build reading speed. Students complete one-minute drills in three areas: phonics, sight phrases, and short stories.  Just 15 minutes per day makes a world of difference.
4. Encourage and Motivate Students To Read, Read, Read!
One of the best ways to develop reading fluency is to read more.  By capitalizing on each student's personal interests, our tutors help find books and authors that will transform reading from a chore to an enjoyment. 
 How Many Words Per Minute Should Your Child Be Reading?   

Grade Equivalent

Standard WPM

Interested in knowing more about your child's reading rate, strengths, and areas that may need improvement? Visit my reading assessment & reading evaluation services.  Please feel free to contact me at 703.934.8282 or
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Ann Dolin, M.Ed.


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