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Join us for the final presentation of the school year this Wednesday, April 7th from 7:00pm-8:30pm at
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Bright Kids Who Struggle -
Overcoming Obstacles and Realizing Potential
Are you...

Frustrated by your bright child who isn't working to potential?

Blaming him or her for laziness and lack of motivation?

Wanting to know how to minimize the obstacles that can make school success difficult?

Come hear Rich Weinfeld 
author of  Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties and host of the upcoming conference, "Diamonds in the Rough: Smart Kids who Learn Differently,"
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Dear Parents and Colleagues:
Getting organized for school doesn't just happen in September.  This is a great time to revisit organization strategies and give students an advantage as they approach the final months of the school year.
Try my 5 top tips to organize for school success.

Organize Space – Keep all supplies in one location. A shower caddy is a great idea because it is portable with plenty of upright space for paper, markers, rulers, etc.  For older students – At the end of each quarter, encourage your child to clean out his binder, filing old tests, quizzes, or other important papers in a hanging file folder.
Simplify the Binder - Many students struggle to maintain an organized binder.  Consider using a Case-It binder with a built-in accordion folder.  Label the folder's tabs with each subject name.  Now, students don't have to hole punch and file.  Each paper can be neatly tucked behind the subject tab. 
Prioritize Daily Assignments – Organization isn't just about materials; it's about time too!  Help your child number his assignments in the order in which they will be completed (1,2,3).  To get over the hump of getting started, begin with the easiest assignment first.
Plan Long-Term Assignments – Limit procrastination by encouraging your child to record the final due date in his planner and the incremental steps leading to it.  For example, "essay due" is recorded on Friday, but on Wednesday and Thursday, he writes "complete rough draft" and "edit and proof".  These mini due dates become part of the daily assignment list. 
Praise –  It's easy to notice when materials are disorganized, but parents can create greater change by remarking on what's right instead of what isn't.  When you catch your child putting papers in the correct folder when he doesn't typically do so, praise him.  By noticing small changes, you'll help to increase motivation.
If you want to learn more about helping your child, attend one of my local presentations.  Click here for a full list of dates and topics. Schedule a private consultation on educational consulting here.
In addition, our in-home tutors follow our trademarked Educational Coaching Process™ to support students in the 3 areas essential for school success - organization, time management, and study skills. 
We would love to assist your child!  Please feel free to contact me at 703.934.8282 or
Warm regards and best wishes for a successful school year!
Ann Dolin, M.Ed.


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